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retail products

The following are products for keeping your carpet and furniture clean in between professional cleanings.

Ultra Dry® provides excellent cleaning action on a variety of soils and surfaces. Packaged in 16 oz. spray bottles and 1 gallon refills for your convenience.

Ultra Dry 16oz. (spot cleaner) $12.95

Ultra Dry 1 Gallon (Best value, equivilant to 8-16 oz bottles) $39.95

Carpet grooming tool package ( 16 oz. & carpet grooming tool) $26.95

Urine Neurtralizer 1 qt. (Deoderizer, enzyme, spotter) $18.95

Deluxe Package (16 oz., carpet grooming tool & neutralizer) $42.95

Carpet Grooming Tool 18" $32.95

Carpet Grooming Tool 12" (Our best seller) $19.95

Leather Cleaner 1 qt. $49.95


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